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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about Los Angeles real estate loans.

What are Los Angeles Real Estate Loans?

Los Angeles real estate loans give you the funds you require to purchase the real estate you want in the LA metropolitan area. Real estate loans can be anything as simple as a home mortgage loan to a more complicated loan for investment properties.

Who issues your LA real estate loans?

We have an extremely diverse network of lenders. We partner with banks in the LA metro area, in the West-Coast region, and those who operate on a national level. All of our lenders have experience in issuing real estate loans to LA residents, however. Which lender issues your loan will depend on your credit and needs, as well as your preferences.

What types of home mortgages can your lenders offer?

Our lenders can offer you virtually any type of home mortgage. The most popular option is a fixed-rate mortgage, but our partners also offer adjustable-rate, balloon, hybrid, and other options. You can specify what type of loan you're interested in when you sign up for quotes.

How can I get quotes on LA real estate loans?

Receiving offers on Los Angeles real estate loans is very simple on our site. All you have to do is complete our sign-up form online, which will ask you for a few pieces of basic contact information. As soon as we have that, we'll instantly show you at least four quotes on real estate loans from some of our lending partners. You'll be able to compare loans, terms, interest rates, etc. in a matter of minutes.

Is there any obligation for signing up?

No, our site is free to use and comes with no obligations. We only ask for your contact information, which we pass onto our lenders so they can better meet your borrowing needs. You do not have to take out a loan from one of our lenders if you choose not to do so. We even allow you to save your offers and come back to our site at any time if you would like more time to look around first.

Are you a real estate lender?

No, we are a free online referral service for those looking for Los Angeles real estate loans. We work with many major lenders in the U.S. to bring our visitors the most competitive offers we can. Our job is not to issue loans, but rather to help our visitors find the most affordable, highest quality lender to fit their needs.