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The Importance of a Realtor

Trying to navigate a real estate transaction in Los Angeles without a real estate agent is like trying to sail foreign waters without a compass. You may be able to secure Los Angeles real estate loans on your own without much difficulty, but that is only one small step of the larger process. A good realtor can explain the regulations governing your purchase, negotiate with the other party, and help you get the best deal possible. On this page, we'll explain more about why a realtor is important and how he/she can make your transaction as smooth as possible.

Eight Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent

Here are the top eight reasons why you should hire a real estate agent to help you with Los Angeles real estate loans and purchases:

  1. Getting or setting the right price. Real estate agents perform a competitive market analysis to evaluate home prices and trends in the area in which you are buying or selling. Their expertise will prevent you from over-borrowing with Los Angeles real estate loans or getting shortchanged on property you sell.
  2. Knowledge of the area. A realtor will know how much you can get for the money you're willing to pay in any given area.
  3. Broad network. Real estate agents have access to a multiple listing service that allows them to see all properties available in a certain region. You can expand your options with this network.
  4. Impartiality. If you are emotionally attached to a certain property, a real estate agent can help you maintain objectivity for a better financial outcome.
  5. Efficiency. A realtor can narrow down the list of real estate that fits your budget and your needs so you're not wasting your time on unobtainable or unsuitable properties.
  6. Contractual knowledge. The average person has no idea how to draft a real estate contract and could be easily taken advantage of. A realtor can help you draft contracts and review Los Angeles real estate loan documents.
  7. Negotiation skills. Real estate agents can provide sound advice on whether to accept, reject, or modify an offer to sell or buy a property. A realtor also knows how to arrange for home inspection, title searches, and real estate lawyers.
  8. Marketing knowledge. If you are selling a property, an agent will compose a marketing plan of how he/she will sell the real estate (e.g., open houses, advertisements, etc.). For buyers, realtors will know how to use sellers' marketing to your advantage to find the property you want.